The philosophy should meet the challenge of the new millennium

Everyone lives his own life relying on some ideas, thoughts and some beliefs. Some people call such ideas “philosophy” of life. Even if a person says that he doesn’t live according to some rules or ideas, he defines himself as a follower of such “never-care” philosophy.

Throughout the history people have got to know famous people, called philosophers, who “taught” people how to live. The

way they taught us was just expressing their own opinions about life, creation and being on the whole. As years passed, people tended to forget that these were just some thoughts of a person who was just like them; they started to consider these ideas as rules, inevitable laws to obey. The main thing for people became choosing which “philosophy” to follow. They missed one thing: the main thing was to choose which philosophy was RIGHT.

Today we see many different people who live in different places, in different cultures, belonging to different groups following different teachings. Each of such people believes that he follows the right philosophy and those who live differently are wrong. Very few of them try to understand others’ philosophy of life. Most of them try to criticize others’ ideas, claiming that only theirs are true.

The philosophy should meet the challenge of the new millennium…

What does the new millennium require? If we look at our world as if looking at an ant hill, we will see that the ants are no longer rushing to build new hills, they are no longer thinking of how to supply their queen with provision and care, we will se quite another picture: the ants are looking for other ant hills to destroy them, they are killing other insects even if they have sufficient food, they are thinking of how to become a queen of the whole colony so that they would get all the food and power. The “ants” have changed; they have forgot their real purpose of existing. The main problem is that there is nothing or nobody that could teach them how to live properly, that’s why they choose their own style of life.

The philosophy should meet the challenge of the new millennium…

The new millennium is not so much different from the old one. People are still quarrelling, killing, lying and dying. People are still in need of the most essential thing to rely on: they are in need of LOVE, the only thing that will save the world. The philosophy must teach people to love each other. Not that love that Sigmund Freud told us about, I’m talking about REAL LOVE, when people don’t even think about quarrelling, deceiving, killing and envying just because they love each other. People today are not aware of that enormous lack of love in their hearts – they are too busy living their life full of hatred and rudeness. The philosophy should meet the challenge of the new millennium…

There should be at least one person to start living according to “new” philosophy, one day he will be noticed and taken for example. Who is that person? .

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