Наши друзья – физкультура и спорт. Our friends - physical culture and sports

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2. Physical culture and sports.

By science for a long time it is established, that the human body can exist much longer that term which majority of people lives. From the means accessible to everyone for the prevention of early ageing, are most effective, in opinion of experts, moderation in all from the youth and, certainly, employment by physical training and sports. Presently, when the i

ncreasing quantity of people pass from physical work to intellectual, spend the working day at office behind computers, and means of transportation became various kinds of a municipal transportation and, first of all, the car, it is difficult to overestimate value of physical culture and sports. They - the main compensating means of physical activity for an organism, struggle with гиподинамией, the best medicine against nervous overloads and stresses. According to госкомспорта Russia, only 10 % of the population of the country on a regular basis are engaged in physical training and sports. It is absolutely not enough of it. In the developed countries of the world where for last years the fashion on health and sports style of the life, a similar parameter 40 - 70 percent was generated even.

What kinds of physical exercises are most effective and useful to strengthening health, restoration of forces, increase of working capacity? To answer this question, it is necessary to know age, a trade, a way of life of the concrete person, whether there are at it chronic diseases. At all desire to be engaged in all kinds of physical exercises it is impossible. It is necessary to choose what on forces, and before the beginning of their performance it is necessary to consult to the doctor. Unfortunately, there are at times the people who are not understanding importance of regular employment in any section or elementary gymnastic exercises at home in a combination, say, with jogging on the nature. Thus unpersuasive references to shortage of time or to character of work are done.

Physical training - not work, and active and high-grade rest, a component of a healthy way of life. And, hence, it is important for everyone irrespective of, it is engaged in brainwork or physical. At the person performing work with this or that loading, be it the loader, the turner or the seller in shop, all time the certain muscles of a body are involved, and others by virtue of specificity of work are in a condition of rest. And only sports, gymnastics, physical exercises can force to work all our muscles, that, finally, leads to normal blood circulation in an organism and to other positive processes.

3. Morning gymnastics.

The day is necessary for beginning with morning gymnastics. It banishes the rests of a dream and "charges" an organism vivacity for all day. When we wake up, our nervous centers are still braked, and peripheral blood vessels have not earned in full force. It is required not less than two - three hours that the organism has entered into a normal working condition. How to reduce this time and quickly to join in educational process or work? The answer one: by means of morning gymnastics. Well-known, that elementary knee-bends, inclinations, turns, running on the spot give us a charge of energy and feeling of confidence of, cheer up. Morning зарядка borrows usually 10-12 minutes. To do it follows in easy clothes and, certainly, in the premise aired after a dream.

4. Navigation and skiing.

The major place in an arsenal of improving means belongs to navigation. At navigation weight of advantages. It promotes закаливанию an organism, helps to get rid of excess weight, improves work of heart and vessels. It is noticed, that at those who on a regular basis is engaged in this kind of sports, the backbone finishes and, hence, the person becomes more harmonous. And parameter ЖЕЛ (vital capacity of lungs) increases in 1,5 - 2 times. Skiing promotes development of endurance, dexterity, force. Employment by it salutarily act on function of bodies of breath, activity of the central nervous system. At walking on skis in work muscular groups are involved all, the metabolism becomes more active.

5. The conclusion.

At regular employment by physical training and sports there is a continuous perfection of the mechanisms adjusting work of all bodies and systems of an organism. Any physical exercises will promote strengthening of health as a whole, will help to watch weight and to remove a nervous pressure. A training person starts to feel better in every respect, looks is better, at it appears more than vital forces. Exercises of the certain type can improve blood circulation, strengthen heart, force it to work производительнее, will help to lower arterial pressure, having changed in the best party structure of blood.

All those physical exercises which I have listed in the work is far not the full list of that any person, except for suffering some heavy diseases, can carry out at leisure. There is a huge quantity of kinds of sports from which everyone can choose by the opportunities, to interests and forces. The moderate physical activities by that who is subject гиподинамии are especially important, students concern to this category of people also, activity of the majority from which is inactive. Sports and physical exercises are simply necessary and irreplaceable, and in a combination to a balanced diet and refusal of bad habits they guarantee the life long and sated by bright paints.

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