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The moral I draw is that the writer should seek his reward in the pleasure of his work and in release from the burden of his thought.



>Youth has turned to gods we of an earlier day knew not, and it is possible to see already the direction in which those who come after us will move.



The younger generation, conscious of strength and tumultuous, have done with knocking at the door; they have burst in and seated themselves in our seats.



Of their elders some, by imitating the antics of youth, strive to persuade themselves that their day is not yet over; they shout with the lustiest, but the war cry sounds hollow in their mouth.

4, 1а


Who now, for example, thinks of George Crabbe?



He was a famous poet in his day, and the world recognised his genius with a unanimity which the greater complexity of modern life has rendered infrequent.



I think he must have read the verse of these young men who were making so great a stir in the world, and I fancy he found it poor stuff.


Of course, much of it was.



It is not without melancholy that I wander among my recollections of the world of letters in London when first, bashful but eager, I was introduced to it.

20б, 9


I felt they expected me to say clever things, and I never could think of any till after the party was over.



It must have been bad for the furniture, but I suppose the hostess took her revenge on the furniture of her friends when, in turn, she visited them.


If you had a neat figure you might as well make the most of it, and a smart shoe on a small foot had never prevented an editor from taking your "stuff."



They tried to look as little like authors as possible. They wished to be taken for men of the world.



I despaired of ever expressing myself with such aptness

or with such fluency.



It is sad that I can remember nothing of all this scintillation.



When we had done discussing the merits of the latest book,

it was natural to wonder how many copies had been sold,

what advance the author had received, and how much he was likely to make out of it.


Then we would speak of this publisher and of that, comparing the generosity of one with the meanness of another; we would argue whether it was better to go to one who gave handsome royalties or to another who "pushed" a book for all it was worth.

20б, 1а, 1а


Then we would talk of agents and the offers they had obtained for us; of editors and the sort of contributions they welcomed, how much they paid a thousand, and whether they paid promptly or otherwise.

20б, 7


It gave me an intimate sense of being a member of some mystic brotherhood.

19, 4


Everyone seemed to be talking, and I, sitting in silence, felt awkward; but I was too shy to break into any of the groups that seemed absorbed in their own affairs.



I was conscious of my ignorance, and if Mrs. Strickland was a well-known writer I thought it as well to ascertain the fact before I spoke to her.



Now and then she invited members of it to her house if they showed an appreciation of her talent and entertained

with proper lavishness.

4, 19


She held their weakness for lions in good-humoured contempt, but played to them her part of the distinguished woman of letters with decorum.

7, 11


Miss Waterford, torn between the aestheticism of her early youth, when she used to go to parties in sage green, holding a daffodil, and the flippancy of her maturer years, which tended to high heels and Paris frocks, wore a new hat.


She was a woman of thirty-seven, rather tall and plump,

without being fat; she was not pretty, but her face was

pleasing, chiefly, perhaps, on account of her kind brown eyes.



She was the only woman of the three whose face was

free of make-up, and by contrast with the others she seemed simple and unaffected.

4, 20а


The dining-room was in the good taste of the period.


There was a high dado of white wood and a green

paper on which were etchings by Whistler in neat black frames.



The green curtains with their peacock design, hung in straight lines, and the green carpet, in the pattern of which pale rabbits frolicked among leafy trees, suggested the influence of William Morris.

1а, 2а


Looking back, I think that Mrs. Strickland was the most

harmless of all the lion-hunters that pursue their quarry from the rarefied heights of Hampstead to the nethermost studios of Cheyne Walk.

4, 1а, 1а


She had a real passion for reading (rare in her kind, who for the most part are more interested in the author than in his book, in the painter than in his pictures), and she invented a world of the imagination in which she lived with a freedom she never acquired in the world of every day.

5, 11


When she came to know writers it was like adventuring upon a stage which till then she had known only from the other side of the footlights.


She accepted the rules with which they played the game of life as valid for them, but never for a moment thought of regulating her own conduct in accordance with them.

1а, 20б


I could not think of any retort to this, so I asked if Mrs.

Strickland had children.



The subject was exhausted, and we began to talk of other things.



I was very young, and perhaps she liked the idea of guiding my virgin steps on the hard road of letters; while

for me it was pleasant to have someone I could go to with my small troubles, certain of an attentive ear and reasonable counsel.

20б, 11, 20б


Mrs. Strickland had the gift of sympathy.


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