Hobby and keenness

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Phonograph records: Old, swing, classical, or one particular artist.

Stamps: U. S., European, commemorative, covers.

Guns: Modern army rifles, old U. S. Rifles, old European.

Coins: U. S., European, Ancient Greek or Roman, novelty.

Books: Early American school texts, First editions, almanacs.

Paintings: Miniatures, water colors, old masters.

Dolls: Antiques, China, rag,

rubber, paper, bride, foreign, wax, celluloid.

4.3 Creative Hobbies.

Man has a psychological drive to create, to make, or to construct. It is often referred to as the aesthetic drive because it satisfies the person’s sense of beauty and gives pleasure. Much of the creative urge is satisfied by designing, painting, composing, writing, inventing, and making objects of many kinds as exemplified in the areas of arts and crafts, drama, music, nature, and camping activities. The creative urge expression is satisfied in different ways for different people - writing a poem, developing a story, telling a story, painting a landscape, making a piece of furniture, constructing a telescope, baking a pie, organizing a club, developing a new bit of strategy in the sports contest, writing a song, and creating a new dance.

The area of hobbies is one of the greatest potential sources for satisfying the creative urge. It has become increasingly important as creative expression opportunities decline in many job. Every hobby offers some chance for creative expression but some are richer in their offerings. In a hobby which has creativeness as its major emphasis collective, educational, and performing benefits are also present.

A suggested list of creative hobbies follows:

Woodworking: Furniture, lathework, wood finishing, wooden models of trains, boats, and planes, children’s toys.

Sculpture: Soap, wood, plaster, clay, stone.

Puppetry: Making the puppets, building the stage, writing the script, presenting the play.

Leatherwork: Making articles such as bookcovers, handbags, belts; decorating leather, stamping, embossing, carving, flat modeling.

Photography: Used as an art medium to produce portraits, scenes, action shots; still life in black and white or color; developing the art of taking pictures; processing and printing, and enlarging stills, movie - black and white, color; amateur movie production; slides and transparencies.

4.4 Educational Hobbies.

Hobbies which emphasize the acquisition of knowledge and the leaning of skills cover a large variety of activities. Most of the hobbies listed under Collection and Creative serve as examples for educational hobbies when the participant makes them so. The educational hobbies provide many opportunities for exploring and adventure in a wide scope of activities. Very often a person’s hobby will be pursued for both collective educational satisfaction, or performing and educational satisfactions. These combinations are natural and complement each other.

A suggested list of educational hobbies is presented to indicate the scope. These the pursued individually, or in classes, or clubs.

Ornithology: Study of birds, their habits, calls, migrations, effect on nature’s cycle. Astronomy: Study of stars, planets, relationship of celestial phenomena to the earth, falling star plotting, lore related to constellations.

Meteorology: Study of weather, clouds, rainfall, storms, wind.

Music: Leaning to play instruments and sing, music appreciation, study of composers, history of music and instruments, study of types of music, relationship of music with peoples culture.

Arts and crafts: Leaning skills in the various media such as paint, metal, textiles, wood, photography, plastics; study of design artists, art periods; art appreciation, and art in its relation to peoples culture and economy.

Sport: Leaning to perform in athletics; study of specific sports, their history, the star performers, and records; developing hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing, sailing, riflery, and archery skills; study of history of sports and its development.

4.5 Performing Hobbies

These hobby interests are based on the used of body skills. They include the sports skills, music skills, arts and crafts skills, camping skills and other. To understand this hobby category one must recognize that many persons seek their satisfaction in performing with and for others. The range of activities in music, arts and crafts, and drama has been illustrated by the other categories. This category recognize those areas as performing hobby sources.

Some specific examples of performing hobbies include: hiking, swimming, roller skating, hunting, fishing, dancing, camping, baseball, football, bowling, boxing, chess, checkers, orchestras, horseback riding, fencing, canoeing, boating, sailing, golf, tennis, wrestling, acrobatics, choirs, and magic.

5. Promotion hobby interests

Factors Related to Hobby Participants.

In the promotion of hobby interests needs and characteristics of the various age levels must be kept in mind. Some illustrations of applying these to hobby participation are presented as follows: Age Factors.

5.1 Children

In collection hobbies the child collects bottle tops, campaign buttons, comic books, stones, toads, dolls clothing. The collection of these seems to be based on no logical purpose.

This is the age of exploration in all categories of hobbies. Children move from one hobby to another. Their span of interest is short.

Child’s participation in hobby is on a very elementary level.

Most children have a simple collection hobby.

Interest in educational hobbies does not seem evident.

Performing activities have great appeal at this age.

5.2 Youth

Youth’s hobbies become more discriminating.

Not all youths continue collecting hobbies.

There are fewer changes from one hobby to another.

Youth often use hobby pursuits to discover career interest.

Youth seeks greater opportunities to relate hobby interest with clubs and groups.

Youth wants to engage in performing hobbies.

At this age the foundation is laid for possible educational hobbies which are pursed in adulthood.


Their hobby interest are specialized.

They need the hobby more than in their earlier years.

They seek to express themselves through their hobby interests.

They pursue their hobby more seriously.

They join hobby clubs because they want to share their interest.

5.3 Older Folks

They have more leisure than adults and their hobby becomes a way to make life meaningful.

They use a hobby as a means of making adjustment to retirement.

They enjoy hobbies that require study and offer creative opportunities.

They want hobbies that give them a chance to receive recognition.

6. Advises for hobbyists.

6.1 How Hobbyists Become Interested

The following represent means of helping individuals get started on a hobby:

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